I had an amazing vision once. It was during my experience with ayahuasca almost 3 years ago and it forever altered the way I see love and relationships.

I saw the journey of the relationship between masculine and feminine. I saw woman as a beautiful butterfly, happy and free, fluttering about and a man entranced by her beauty and playfulness, following her trail, the butterfly flitting away mere seconds from his grasp. He keeps following her, trying to catch her and she keeps dancing and flying away. He never catches her. And she never loses her spirit, her beauty and her freedom.

Its a strange thing to explain but this is how I see a true masculine feminine relationship. Difficult to translate into modern day relationships but the feminine is never contained, trapped, stilted for she will wilt and the feminine mystery she once had will fade, just as the masculine’s curiousity, adventure and drive for her will fade.

It does not mean there is no commitment–there is plenty of room for commitment where there is freedom and true appreciation for the other which can only grow deeper the more you delve in. A woman who can trust her own joy and passion, to always have that fire and let that lead her to her path; a man who can recognize that and who’s eyes still glow when he watches her draw, dance or make, who encourages her to be herself, who’s playfulness matches hers and allow her soul to take over whether it includes him or not.
This is only my view of course; one fluttering butterfly’s view.