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Last weekend, my friend and I attended a life changing Abraham Hicks workshop. We had been anxiously waiting for the event, getting more excited with each passing week. And finally the day came! We LOVED it.

I love Abraham. They say what I’ve been feeling for years. Happiness is our natural born right. We are here to thrive and to get everything we desire. Sometimes we pick up old beliefs along the way that don’t serve us–I realize that those are not our true selves or from love. I don’t believe when people say “no one’s really 100% happy in their relationship” or “it sucks getting older.” Those are not my beliefs. SPARKLE!

Wow! What a moving, informative, powerful video. I am resonating with everything he is saying and she is saying. I have felt the way he is describing so deeply for so many years but for the past 2-3 years have been in the process of realizing it is a gift. It is a gift to feel such compassion and to feel the ripples of the affects of humans, both negative and positive. The work I have been doing has opened me up to different perspectives and emotions; I am aware of the change I see in myself and my life is the perfect mirror to show me what I am believing to be true. Our individual lives are the mirrors to show US our own desires and thoughts we think every single day… feeling very grateful.

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