“You can get everything that you want. But who cares? That will only make you happy in your head. You wont be fulfilled. Connect to this moment. Unhook from wanting everything.

Be, connect, allow, flow, enjoy that process. That is where you meet who you truly are. When you connect to who you actually are, when you release effort, when you unhook from anticipation, fear, doubt, and just allow the unfolding of yourself, when you just start without knowing how, you expand. Expansion equals fulfillment. Fulfillment equals everything.

When you do this, accidentally, money, health, love, career all fall into place, way more than a ton of effort, but who cares? That is not the highest excitement. You were not sent here to “get as much money as possible” You were here to create, allow, flow, play. The money just comes, but it isn’t you.

If the most exciting thing you want is a physical thing, than you only have experienced mental happiness. You have things how you want them, which means you are a victim to your circumstances and you changed the circumstances. But you are still a victim.

Wait until you experience connecting to you. It turns everything else into a story. You suddenly understand something new, you run this whole damn thing. Your fears aren’t real. You discover doubts aren’t real. You see that you were identified with the story of you, but you are only now. Stay there. Nothing to do. Enjoy. Don’t distract yourself every second. Fulfillment leads to true transformation, where you become someone different than who you used to be.”

[Kyle Cease]