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Last night was spent meditating, visualizing and reflecting on the past year with gratitude. Growing up I was never raised to dream big or to achieve what was unimaginable to some. It is something I have really trained myself to do by working through the learned behaviors that held/hold me back. When you look at your life and the tangible things you have, the emotions that come to you are the signals whether you have what you want or don’t. Dream BIG and really believe you deserve it. The universe is so vast and everything you can ever dream of already exists, it is only waiting for you to match up with it vibrationally. And always be grateful…being here is already the gift. Happy new year everyone 💓💓💓



What is ours is already ours.

Rumi has written, “what you are seeking is already seeking you.”

It is no accident when you feel a calling so deeply, when something is strongly pulling you to a place that feels familiar, it is already yours.

Our ego seems to be tricky — to want what it wants and if we are not mindful enough in our selves, we confuse the ego’s desires as our own. I believe even that in itself is not wrong. It deters us off our path but we surely needed it for its lessons.

And eventually, our soul’s pull brings us back and we see again with new eyes.

Anytime something feels wrong, it doesn’t feel painful anymore. I know it is my mind responding, letting me know how my soul is feeling. It is amazing how our body, mind and soul always works in our favor.

forever connected.



The Taurean Male
Always moves steadily toward his goals
Strong practical composed levelheaded
He takes what he sees and gives what he gets
Steady routine keeps him humble and patient
And the rewards keep him moving
He appreciates art fine cuisine a beautiful home
For he knows he deserves them
And he loves to indulge
Comfort is of great importance to him
And he will make sure his loved ones are forever protected.

I wrote this for all Taurean Males. This handwritten note comes inside the Toro Taurus–a perfect gift for a Taurus :)

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