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I just want to explore. Because those who discover every inch, crevice and piece of the world are really those who who are breathing every breath to know that every cell is a part of this universe. To know the universe is to know yourself. To know yourself is to know the universe. I am remembering. I am remembering my soul’s promise for this journey. To keep exploring the depths of the deepest shadow I have and keep finding. To remember.



In this journey, wherever we go is all part of the journey. Every step, every fall back, every turn;  it’s all meant to happen. My 20s have been for the most part discovering what makes ME happy and exploring all the different roads I could take. It doesnt mean I’m falling far back from anyone else because this is where I’m suppose to be. I’ve learned that we can dive into all different kinds of career paths, people and places; just go. And love every bit of it. 

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