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I just want to explore. Because those who discover every inch, crevice and piece of the world are really those who who are breathing every breath to know that every cell is a part of this universe. To know the universe is to know yourself. To know yourself is to know the universe. I am remembering. I am remembering my soul’s promise for this journey. To keep exploring the depths of the deepest shadow I have and keep finding. To remember.



In this journey, wherever we go is all part of the journey. Every step, every fall back, every turn;  it’s all meant to happen. My 20s have been for the most part discovering what makes ME happy and exploring all the different roads I could take. It doesnt mean I’m falling far back from anyone else because this is where I’m suppose to be. I’ve learned that we can dive into all different kinds of career paths, people and places; just go. And love every bit of it. 


What is ours is already ours.

Rumi has written, “what you are seeking is already seeking you.”

It is no accident when you feel a calling so deeply, when something is strongly pulling you to a place that feels familiar, it is already yours.

Our ego seems to be tricky — to want what it wants and if we are not mindful enough in our selves, we confuse the ego’s desires as our own. I believe even that in itself is not wrong. It deters us off our path but we surely needed it for its lessons.

And eventually, our soul’s pull brings us back and we see again with new eyes.

Anytime something feels wrong, it doesn’t feel painful anymore. I know it is my mind responding, letting me know how my soul is feeling. It is amazing how our body, mind and soul always works in our favor.

forever connected.



The most powerful person is the one who knows the truth.

The truth about who they are and what they want. One who can envision their life and can make the choice to be surrounded by what they are naturally drawn to. One who trusts their instincts and allows their heart to lead the way.

I believe people who know their own flaws and insecurities don’t deter easily. There is rarely any jealousy and envy of others because they know what they want and have faith that their path has its own rhythmical timing. There is no longer a need to compare, a need to belittle others or compete.

Know your own truth. Be brave enough to question yourself and really hear your answers. That is the best advice ever given to me.

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