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This ring is made of a london blue topaz which stands for expression, clarity, creative freedom, mainly the throat chakra, speaking up. 2 days ago the stone gently fell off onto the bed (if you look at the metal, it’s hard to believe how it broke) on the day of my birthday. It served me well and I feel it was a sign that I can do and be all those things without any help or crutch. Just me. 💙


IMG_20140504_192514 IMG_00002496


My love made one of my dreams come true: designing my own ring! I designed it with the wonderful, talented Hallie Katz from our favorite shop in Ojai: Human Arts. I drew the design several months ago on a scrap piece of yellow lined notepad paper and it came out exactly how I envisioned! Delicate diamond leaves and twig details, like a little forest fairy’s ring. :) I’m so happy with the way it turned out and even happier with what the ring symbolizes to us and our spiritual journey together. If you are ever in Ojai, take a peek inside Human Arts – it’s a charming store with unique furniture, jewelry and home items from selected designers all over!


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